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Occupy Wall Street: Ron Paul Is The Only Real Difference

Both parties are pretty much the same, there’s not really much of a difference either way. Both want big government. Both have no real plans of how to fix the recession. Both want more wars and occupying other countries. Both parties have no interest in locking up any of the bad guys on Wall Street. Both parties want nothing to do with addressing the real problem that is the Federal Reserve. Both parties are willing to detain Americans indefinitely without trial, judge or jury (NDAA).

Occupy Wall Street says Ron Paul is the only candidate that’s different than the cookie-cutter candidates from both parties. He might not be the most “presidential” candidate but he’s the only candidate that has a real chance of saving this country. I mean when it comes down to it, what is the real difference between a Mitt Romney and a Barack Obama.  Not much.

Casually pepper spray everything cop: Lt. John Pike

Fox News Megyn Kelly on pepper spray: It's a food product essentially

Occupy Wall Street: The Game

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White House sides with TSA in Rand Paul standoff

The White House is standing by the Transportation Security Administration in its standoff with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and his father, Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

The elder Paul called the TSA a “police state” Monday after Rand Paul was reportedly detained by TSA after he refused to take a pat-down from TSA officials at the Nashville International Airport.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday that he didn’t have any reaction to Paul’s “police state” comments.

But Carney sided with the TSA saying, “I think it is absolutely essential that we take necessary actions to ensure that air travel is safe.”

This comment by Carney is exactly how f*cked up things like the TSA and Homeland Security get started.  Like who wouldn’t want safe air travel?  Occupy Wall Street agrees that most people in America are stupid.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/transportation-report

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Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Repeal Indefinite Detention of Americans

Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Repeal Indefinite Detention of Americans
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul took a break from his campaign to come out in opposition to the bill signed into law by President Barack Obama on New Year’s Eve that allows the indefinite detention of any terrorism suspect, including Americans arrested in the U.S.
Speaking from the floor of the U.S. House, Paul lashed out at a provision in the latest defense authorization bill that permits the government to imprison without trial anyone who has “substantially supported al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.” This would include U.S. citizens arrested anywhere in the world.

According to Paul, the legislation could undermine the right to due process and allow the military to act “as a kind of police force on U.S. soil, apprehending terror suspects, including Americans, and whisking them off to an undisclosed location indefinitely.”

Occupy Wall Street hopes Ron Paul and this bill to repeal is successful.

Read more: http://www.allgov.com/Top_Stories/ViewNews

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Ron Paul’s staying power threatens to alter debate

Ron Paul’s staying power threatens to alter debate
Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary but Ron Paul’s showing could have as big an effect on the race. After finishing third in Iowa, the Texas Republican placed second in the Granite State, securing nearly one in four votes. That keeps him in the hunt to challenge Romney for now and could inspire him to make a third-party run later. Either way, the longer Paul sticks around, the more the national debate is likely to shift on important economic issues.

Paul’s crusade against the Federal Reserve will keep the spotlight on the central bank and Chairman Ben Bernanke and Occupy Wall Street approves. Paul’s desire to strengthen the dollar and sharply raise interest rates could resonate with voters, especially if inflation noticeably picks up by summer. And Romney and Barack Obama would be put in the unenviable position of supporting a weaker dollar, or explaining a more nuanced view on a complex subject.

The matter of domestic spending will stay front and center with Paul around, too. He would cut to the bone, while Romney and Obama are more inclined to slice surgically, if at all. The libertarian-leaning candidate would axe at least five agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, and push harder for expanding domestic oil exploration than Romney, potentially leaving him on the defensive.

On tax reform, Paul is also more aggressive than Romney. While the frontrunner would extend the Bush-era tax cuts and make other small tweaks to the code, Paul wants a bigger overhaul. His push for simplification, ending many deductions and a flat tax will keep the hot-button issues on the agenda.

The biggest distinction would be on foreign policy. Paul wants to hack military spending and engagement deeper than either Romney or Obama, perhaps even pulling U.S. troops out of Europe. He also wants less U.S. funding for the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. That’ll leave the other two candidates trying to tell voters why their tax dollars should help defend far-flung nations or stabilize their economies.

Read more: http://blogs.reuters.com/breakingviews/2012/01/11/ron

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New Hampshire Primary Results: Ron Paul Comes In Second

With a projected second place finish in New Hampshire, Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) campaign for the GOP nomination continues to outperform his 2008 bid, complicating efforts by Mitt Romney’s rivals to consolidate opposition to the former Massachusetts governor.

Paul’s message of individual liberty played well in the Live Free or Die State, as Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, stumbled badly in the few days leading up to the vote. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who’d been hoping a second-place finish or last-minute upset would catapult him to top-tier status, is likely to finish third, a result that would outpace the two men Romney see as his most formidable opponents, former Sen. Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/10/ron

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Ron Paul To Everyone But Mitt: Drop Out

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Ron Paul tonight scored an historic second-place victory in the 2012 New Hampshire Primary. Below please find comments from National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:

“Ron Paul tonight had an incredibly strong second-place finish in New Hampshire and has stunned the national media and political establishment.

“When added to Paul’s top-tier showing in Iowa, it’s clear he is the sole Republican candidate who can take on and defeat both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/ron-paul

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Ron Paul needs to win the GOP primaries

Seeing all of these candidates it just frustrates me. Growing up in America we are all taught that America is the home of the free, of personal rights, of democracy, and liberty. Watching these candidates this is clearly not the case. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, etc are riddled with the filth of lobbyists and corruption it is clear they are not fit to be presidents. How can someone elect people so concerned with lining their own pockets, supporting their own moral agenda, gaining favor of banks to pay for their houses and vacations. Watching these other candidates speak it makes me sick how obvious they are spewing random garbage flip flopping to appeal people watching TV. Regardless of what you think of Ron Paul no one can deny that he is doing what he thinks is best for the US and is not a tool of the lobbyists and banks who support him. I do not agree with everything Ron Paul says or that is on his agenda, but that does not matter. What America needs is a president who will actually do what he says is going to throw out the corruption that is present in our government. He is not perfect nor a savior nor a god, but he is just a person, but that is why he needs to be elected. He is not a tool of congress, of media, of big corporations, he is just a person who wants to do whats best.

We need to spread support for Ron Paul, the media won’t do it which is why so many people really do not know what he is about. The internet is the only place where Ron Paul can shine as we can control the content here, Reddit we have the power to change the country we live in. Even if you do not live in America and you are tired of the way it has been governed over the past decades, please spread the word.

Post your support on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, StumbleUpon anywhere that will spread the word.


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CNN Finally Covers SOPA

Link to original article:

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Ron Paul Campaign Celebrates Great Victory at Iowa Caucus

Here are comments from Ron Paul’s 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:

“The Ron Paul campaign is celebrating a great victory tonight.

“There were three tickets out of Iowa, and Ron Paul earned one of them.

“One of the three tickets, the one belonging to Rick Santorum, is a dead-end due to Santorum’s weak fundraising and lack of national campaign organization.

“This is now a two way race between establishment candidate Mitt Romney and the candidate for real change, Ron Paul.

“Ron Paul has a top notch national organization, tremendous fundraising prowess, and unequaled enthusiasm among his volunteers and supporters.

“Dr. Paul has taken the first step towards earning the delegates it will take to be the GOP nominee and is the only candidate not named Mitt Romney with the ability to do so.

“Ron Paul is now off to New Hampshire, South Carolina, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine, North Dakota, Washington, Colorado, and beyond.

“See you on the campaign trail.”

Read more: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/01/04/ron-paul

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CNN cuts out when Soldier is discussing his support for Ron Paul

Right when the soldier starts talking about how Ron Paul doesn’t support bombing Iran, the feed is cut.

How is this type of stuff happening in America? All this censorship surrounding Ron Paul (CNN, MSNBC & of course Fox)… then there’s the real possibility of SOPA… Obama signing NDAA which can detain Americans indefinitely… no crooks from Wall Street behind bars…the recession, high unemployment, the rich getting richer, the middle class being wiped out… things are getting worse and worse with no end in site.

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Ron Paul Troll Level Over 9000

Ron Paul 2012!

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PROOF: MSNBC Purposely Misquotes Ron Paul

The major media news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and of course FOX do not want to see Ron Paul in the White House. Here’s more corruption from journalists of these station. Integrity out the window.

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Iowa Republican Caucus Polls: Ron Paul 24%, Romney 20%, Gingrich 13%, Bachmann 11%

Ron Paul maintains his lead

The last week and a half has brought little change in the standings for the Iowa Republican caucus: Ron Paul continues to lead Mitt Romney by a modest margin, 24-20. Newt Gingrich is in 3rd at 13% followed by Michele Bachmann at 11%, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum at 10%, Jon Huntsman at 4%, and Buddy Roemer at 2%.

Paul’s strength in Iowa continues to depend on a coalition of voters that’s pretty unusual for a Republican in the state.  Romney leads 22-20 with those who are actually Republicans, while Paul has a 39-12 advantage with the 24% who are either independents or Democrats. GOP caucus voters tend to skew old, and Romney has a 34-12 advantage with seniors. But Paul’s candidacy looks like it’s going to attract an unusual number of younger voters to the caucus this year, and with those under 45 he has a 35-11 advantage on Romney. The independent/young voter combo worked for Barack Obama in securing an unexpectedly large victory on the Democratic side in 2008 and it may be Ron Paul’s winning equation in 2012.

Read more: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2011/12/paul

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Ron Paul the Movie

A great movie about Ron Paul. Spread this around to anyone that doesn’t know about this great man yet.

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Raw footage shows Ron Paul DIDN’T storm out of CNN interview over racist newsletters… the interview was simply done

Ron Paul and CNN
Reports that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul stormed out of a CNN interview earlier this week seem to be dramatically over-exaggerated.
Raw footage of the Thursday interview shows that it lasted nearly ten minutes, which is not unusually brief on the campaign trail.

After discussing foreign policy, the payroll tax, negative advertisements, and super fund PACs, the interview concluded with three whole minutes of discussion on the issue of the incendiary racist and homophobic letters that were published in Mr Paul’s name in the Eighties and Nineties.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2078343/Raw-footage

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