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Santorum Wins Kansas Caucuses… Seriously Kansas?? lol Sacha Baron Cohen Needs To Make This Movie!

Santorum Wins Kansas Caucuses
Occupy Wall Street approves of just how epic a movie like this would be! F*ck ‘The Dictator‘ movie that Sacha Baron Cohen is coming out with. Everyone knows dictators are bad. That’s like these ‘new Facebook activists’ promoting the Kony 2012 video. Create a character like Rick Santorum. Make him extreme right wing old testament Christian. Make sure the character running for President would kill gay people if he could get away with it or if he could just get elected and put it into law.

You also have so much material with a spoof character on a backwards ‘right wing everything’ running for Presient. Like how woman shouldn’t get jobs and how it’s a great idea to invade every country in the world.  Also make blow jobs illegal and no birth control for anyone…. then show Snooki having more kids.

Ooh, that would be such a fun movie. It would also educate people (like the lame state of Kansas) into wising up about voting for backwards candidates like this. If Rick Santorum gets elected President he would set us back to the dark ages.

Really Kansas? Really?

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Santorum backs nullifying existing gay marriages lol seriously

With all of the other problems in the world…

There are 18,000 married gay and lesbian couples in California and at least 131,000 nationwide according to the 2010 census, conducted before New York state legalized same-sex marriage in July.

Rick Santorum says he’ll try to unmarry all of them if he’s elected president.

Once the U.S. Constitution is amended to prohibit same-gender marriages, “their marriage would be invalid,” the former Pennsylvania senator said Dec. 30 in an NBC News interview.

Occupy Wall Street seriously wonders who is voting for this retard.

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Victory! NOPA to SOPA lol

BREAKING NEWS: Because of immense public pressure, the House Judiciary Committee cancelled their vote on the bill that would kill Internet innovation and free speech — and adjourned for the rest of the year!

Over the last 36 hours, over 97,000 people signed the petition against this bill, and thousands more called their representatives. The Internet fought back to protect the Internet — and won, for now.

Click here to spread the VICTORY! news and share the grassroots petition on Facebook

(Then, pass this email on to friends so they can sign the petition here.)

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