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Ron Paul Is Winning ANOTHER Caucus, And The Media Isn’t Telling You About It

While Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum duke it out for delegates in high-profile primaries like Illinois and Pennsylvania, Ron Paul’s quiet pursuit of delegates appears to be paying off.

Early results from Missouri’s caucuses this weekend show that the long-shot presidential candidate is significantly outperforming his rivals in the race for delegates. Senior campaign advisers tell Business Insider that Paul appears to have picked up the majority of Missouri’s delegates, despite having lost the state’s nonbinding primary to Rick Santorum.

“We did do real well in Missouri,” Benton said. “Some county conventions are still going on, but we’ve got good turnout. Anecdotal evidence shows we won multiple caucuses, and it looks like we’re going to pick up the majority of delegates.”

Although the final delegate tally won’t be determined until the state party convention this spring, Occupy Wall Street says, Paul’s success in Missouri is a validation of his low-key caucus strategy. The Paul campaign has recently shifted its focus to winning unbound delegates in caucus states, where delegates are elected at state conventions rather than by the popular vote.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/is-ron-paul-secretly

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Judge Napolitano was the only one on Fox News who made any sense, and now he’s gone

Judge Napolitano was the only show on Fox News that actually made any sense, and now his show is cancelled. He was the only one on Fox that actually reported on Occupy Wall Street and NDAA. He was the only guy on Fox that actually told the truth from an outside viewpoint without an agenda and now he’s gone.  A lot of people are saying this is the video that got his show cancelled… you be the judge. Keep in mind this video actually aired on Fox, yes seriously, Fox News.  Actually I’m really surprised Judge Napolitano was on Fox as long as he was.

Way to go Fox! Keep up your right wing, religious nut job extremist agenda of fear and intolerance!

Read more: http://suicidegirlsblog.com/blog/fox-news-jettisons-judge

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Occupy Wall Street: Oakland police arresting about 100 protesters

OAKLAND, CA — Police were in the process of arresting about 100 Occupy Oakland protesters for failing to disperse Saturday night, hours after officers used tear gas on a rowdy group of demonstrators who threw rocks and flares at them and tore down fences.

Police Sgt. Christopher Bolton said the arrests came after protesters marched through downtown Oakland a little before 8 p.m. Saturday, with some of them entering a YMCA building.

Meanwhile, about 100 police officers surrounded City Hall while others were swept the inside of the building to see if any protesters broke in.

More help from other police agencies was also on the way, with busloads of Alameda County sheriff’s deputies arriving in the downtown area late Saturday.

The nighttime arrests came after 19 people were taken into custody in Occupy Oakland protests hours earlier.

What really happened:
Oakland police used tear gas and “flash” grenades Saturday to break up hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters after some agent provocateurs dressed as protesters started throwing rocks and flares at officers and tearing down fencing in order to facilitate the illusion of the necessity of forceful riot police response.

From Reddit:
For the internet, here’s a first-hand account of Occupy Oakland on 1/28/2012, because the news never tells the full story. I’ll tell you about the street battle, the 300+ arrests, the vandalism, the flag burning, all in the context of my experience today. This is deeper than the headlines. No major news source can do that for you, but Reddit can.

Read more: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/p1m34

From ABC showing media bias:

Watch a live stream: http://www.ustream.tv/occupyoakland

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Ron Paul the Movie

A great movie about Ron Paul. Spread this around to anyone that doesn’t know about this great man yet.

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Petition to Google: Please put information about SOPA on your main page, the homepage of millions upon millions of Americans, to inform the average web user about what may happen to their internet on December 21

Google if SOPA passes
In response to the Judiciary Committee members quietly pushing the markup proposal for SOPA to Wednesday, December 21, we hereby petition Google to make mention of SOPA on their front page. As the number one search engine and destination of American web users, you have the ability to make the average person quickly aware of the consequences of SOPA. Please help us, and help your own organization by putting a notice on your main page, the homepage of millions upon millions of people.

To all non-Americans: This may affect you too. Not only may some of the content you wish to view be in jeopardy, it may influence your government to take similar measures.

Support this: http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/ng2cz

You can contact Google to make suggestions through this link: http://support.google.com/contact/bin/request.py?hl=en

How to stop SOPA:

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Video of NYPD getting physical with Times journalist Robvert Stolarik trying to cover the OWS protest at the World Financial Center

It still seems like not all New York Police Department officers got that memo from their boss a few weeks ago warning them not to interfere with members of the media during police actions such as those that have been ongoing as a result of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In this video, police are shown getting physical with and intentionally blocking the shots of a credentialed photojournalist covering today’s demonstration at the World Financial Center.

Casually pepper spray everything cop: Lt. John Pike

Fox News Megyn Kelly on pepper spray: It's a food product essentially

Occupy Wall Street: The Game

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