Lieutenant John Pike: Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop

Lieutenant John Pike: Casually Pepper Spraying Everything CopThis is video and pictures of Police Lieutenant John Pike who pepper-sprayed the students at UC Davis on November 18th, 2011. Look at how casual and confident he does his “job” of putting peaceful protesting students in the hospital.

Not so fun fact: Lt. John Pike is using military grade pepper spray that is meant to be sprayed at a distance of 15 ft. Commercial pepper spray is 1,000 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. It has been linked to cardiac, respiratory and neurological problems, and even sudden death.

John Pike pepper spraying students

Occupy Wall Street pictures - Lt. Lieutenant John Pike pepper spraying students at UC Davis

Casually pepper spray everything cop

Lt. John Pike - Casually pepper spray everything cop

The pepper spray used at UC Davis

Police Lieutenant John Pike
Contact information

Name: John Pike
AKA: Casually Pepper Spraying Cop
Job title: UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant
Address: 4005 Cowell Blvd, Apt 616
City & state: Davis, CA 95618-6017
Home phone: 1-530-752-3989
Skype: japike3

Casually pepper spraying cop Lt. John PikeThese were students at UC Davis, who pay thousands of dollars in tuition.

A law against peaceful protest is in itself an unjust law. Think about it. “You have the right to peaceful assembly, unless we say you don’t”.

The pictures of Lieutenant John Pike have become a true definition of what’s wrong with the police and their handling of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

UC Davis Professor Nathan Brown added this:

“When students covered their eyes with their clothing, police forced open their mouths and pepper-sprayed down their throats. Several of these students were hospitalized. Others are seriously injured. One of them, forty-five minutes after being pepper-sprayed down his throat, was still coughing up blood.”

Casually Pepper Spray Everything

Occupy Wall Street pictures - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of UC Davis

Occupy Wall Street pictures - Pepper-spraying the Constitution

Occupy Wall Street pictures - Lieutenant John Pike pepper-spraying

Lt John Pike pepper spray

John Pike pepper spray everything cop on Google

Occupy Wall Street and the Pepper Spray Cop
A proper send off for Kim Jong Il

John Pike pepper spray at UC Davis

John Pike

Iwo Jima pepper spray cop

Lt. John Pike pepper spray

John Pike pepper spraying students at UC Davis

John Pike pepper spraying students at UC Davis

Casual Pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop - The Simpsons

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop - Star Wars

Casual pepper spray everything cop Lt. John Pike

Pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spraying cop - Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying cop Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spraying cop

Pepper spray cop
Stencil on canvas of Lt. John Pike / Pepper Spray Cop

Occupy Wall Street pictures - UC Davis

Casually pepper spray everything cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spray everything cop

John Pike casual pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Vegetable pizza getting sprayed with pepper spray vegetables

John Pike docs

Casually pepper spray everything cop

Casually pepper spray cop, Lieutenant John Pike

Casually pepper spray cop - Happy Thanksgiving

Casually pepper spray everything cop - Captain America

Keeping the doors open on Black Friday…Casually pepper spray cop on Black Friday

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop - South Park

Casually pepper spraying everything cop

Casually pepper spraying cop killing Justin Bieber

Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spray everything cop

Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casual pepper spray everything cop

Pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop

Casually pepper spraying cop: Kanya West letting Taylor Swift finish

Casually pepper spraying cop

Pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spray everything cop

John Pike pepper spray cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spray everything cop

Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying cop

Casually pepper spraying everything cop

Lt. John Pike

Casually pepper spray cop cave painting

Pepper spraying everything cop

Lt. John Pike is not pleased with this page…
Casually pepper spraying everything cop pepper spraying casually pepper spraying everything cop

Lt. John Pike pepper spraying students at UC Davis

Video: About the Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop Meme

Make your own casually pepper spraying cop of John Pike

UC Davis police. Protecting and serving the sh** out of you.

Casually pepper spraying cop blank

To those that say this guy is just doing his job…. you are stupid. Everything about what this guy is doing is wrong.

Make him infamous on the internet! This is a great way to stop police brutality at Occupy Wall Street! Set a precedence with Police Lieutenant John Pike!

Make your own pepper spray cop! Email it to us! We’ll post it!

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Fox News Megyn Kelly on pepper spray: It's a food product essentially

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90 Responses to Lieutenant John Pike: Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop

  1. Sorry, you don’t have the right to assemble on private property.

    Yes, UC Davis is private property.

    • ATTENTION: You just got served.
      (compliments of ‘Windy’)
      And if Windy’s statement didn’t get through…
      There’s also this little thing called
      or maybe INTEGRITY…
      or perhaps, I don’t know…BASIC HUMAN DECENCY?

    • Damn, wolfy’s comment just got casually pepper sprayed.

    • UC Davis is a public university. So it’s public property.

      • A public university is actually considered private property unless you are attending…and even if you are a student, if the college chancellor asks you to leave, then why wouldnt you? The whole issue was over a tent they took down…what were they trying to occupy??? The UC Davis campus?? how is that in any way relevant? C’mon man!!

        • It is about principle. The police work for us, they are not above us they are us. This was an opportunity for peace and reconciliation, but instead was mared by violence and now has gained national media attention. Think if one of those kids was your son or daughter standing up for something they believe in, not only would I be angry but I would try to personally make sure Lt. Pike’s remains in some bodunk trailer for the rest of his life eating government cheese (judging by this however, he might actually feel right at home).

          • lolololololololololololol

          • If one of those kids was my child I’d beat them. Anyone who is pissed off that the 1%, who make 18% percent of the nations income but pay 34% of the nations income tax, should go to china or stop being a loser and actually make their own money instead of bitching because the government isnt giving them enough of others hard earned money.
            *btw that fact is from the Chicago Tribune not like Fox News or Rush Limbaugh’s personal Library

    • last time I checked the students paid to be on UC Davis. What law are they breaking by gathering in big groups or sitting down with their arms locked? Are they not allowed to utilize campus ground for extra-curricular activity? They had no poster, no microphones, no signs. Just themselves. Paid students. On a campus. You’re going to have a tough time arguing trespassing when the assembly took place on campus during campus hours.

    • Jonathan Rich

      Uh, wrong. UC Davis is part of the University of California public university system.

  2. wolfpaq, They most certainly did have the right to assemble on campus because they are all students at said university, and if the university is a State university (which it is), the property is absolutely public!

  3. Windy: Folks don’t have the right to use public property to their own personal benefit and at the expense of others. Like… ah… using tax money to bail out your poorly-run privately held business, or dumping your industrial waste into the air and oceans.

    • so if you’re not allowed to protest on private property, and you’re saying we can’t use public property, where exactly do people protest then? maybe they should just change our rights to no freedom of speech, or assembly, if we aren’t allowed to do it anywhere…i swear, am i crazy or are people just stupid?

    • Actually, its pretty amazing what people can get away with on University Campus’. I attend MTSU in Tennessee and we have one of those wacked out Westboro Baptist people come set up right in the middle of our school courtyard once a year and he gets to yell at us and tell us all that we’re whores and sinners and going to burn in hell. And the school gives him a permit every year. Why? Because its Freedom of Speech. Which was developed to protect UNPOPULAR speech, not just the shit you want to hear. So what if these kids were “occupying” a section of their own campus, spreading messages about things that the opposing party didn’t like hearing? If the answer is to respond with violence then there is something seriously wrong. Here’s a good example. If you respond to this message with something i disagree with I will politely nod…. then pepper spray you in the face.

      • you said the school gives him a permit every year? if he didnt get said permit, how would the school respond? maybe have him removed? who got the permit for the protest were discussing now? hmmmmm,

        • So your argument is hinged on the fact that Universities, on the whole, value crazy religious nutbags and their commentary more than the democratic process? Yea, you can take that shitty version of America back, I prefer my freedom and civil liberties.

    • You’re a sheep if you really believe that.

  4. Mike:
    Sitting in a public space is a bit out of contrast with the examples you give, don’t you think? Or do you not see the difference?. I’m curious, really..

  5. DJ Juanito Fresh

    Question: what are those kids protesting about?
    Answer: Uhhhh…… Money I think or something about the economy.

    • Patriot for Justice

      These protests aren’t about money or capitalism. They are about corruption and attacks against our democracy and freedoms. Do people not remember that our country was founded after a revolution?

    • These student’s were specifically protesting recent changes in their tuition for the spring semester. Increases due to an untamed state budget and the school’s inability to handle it’s finances appropriately. It was (for the most part) unrelated to OWS but posed many of the same beliefs.

      Next time do ~20 seconds of googling before posting a “witty” comment and getting trashed by someone slightly less lazy then you are.

      • Yeah these protests at UC Davis might have still happened had OWS not been going on….. but it definitely made it easier to do something like what the students did because of the OWS movement.

        Regardless, it’s obvious the police there don’t differentiate the two. Both movements to them are just about a bunch of “cry babies” who need to get a job.

  6. It’s not a question of if they had the right to assemble or not. They had the right not be assaulted by the police for a non-violent protest. Go ahead, haul them off to jail for trespassing, there are ways to do that without police brutality. Look at how the NYPD handled retaking Zuccotti park, well planned, well executed operation that showed a lot of police restraint and good judgement.

    • This didn’t have a chance to be a well planned, well executed operation. The police were already done tearing down the tents, when the students chased after them demanding they release arrested students.

      Everyone would still be screaming police brutality if police had pulled them physically from the group and the students would actually have been more likely to be hurt. It’s just the way our media works, right or left leaning, they like the juicy controversial stories.

  7. actually, i go to a public state university, and people do peaceful protests all the time at my school. cops are usually not even around or told about them unless they are needed, but my school sure as hell wouldn’t let them be called in to pepper spray it’s students. duh. our government is corrupt and has gone to hell. :) tootles!

  8. I used to be a Republican but have slowly changed thanks to the Bushes, Fox News, the bailouts and the latest group of morons running in the primary. I am an established successful middle aged man who has never protested anything. I have always been a patriotic defender of our constitution and its principles and believe that is what makes us a strong nation. Watching this event has profoundly changed me and has moved me to donate to the ACLU to help defend these people’s right to protest, because they are the true patriots and heirs to the legacy of our founding fathers, not these ridiculous right wing dingbats who are harming our country in unbelievable ways. This is the wakeup all we all need to stop our country from turning deeper to the dark side and get back on course to the principles of liberty and justice. When a government loses the support of the people like me in the middle, the normally conservative apolitical pragmatic majority, then the only two paths are their continued desperation to move forward with their totalitarian practices or a popular revolt against this behavior before the government gets out of control. I sincerely hope this country takes the latter path, and I applaud those who are bravely fighting to defend that for the rest of us. I will now do what I would have never thought I would do in a million years and send money in support of these brave patriots.

    • well said, sir.

    • Well said.
      Peaceful protest disturbance caused by lt. Pike, he should have been arrested for disturbing the peace. It was a peaceful protest and would have probally stayed that way if left alone. If we lose our right to speak out or peacefully protest then we are in serious trouble. It makes me think of when G. Bush said you are either with us or against us, and people became afraid to speak out against the Iraq war. Agression and violence never accomplished anything.

  9. I saw this book on some other forum earlier. It is about how America is the “Beast” in Revelation, and has the number of a man because it is named after a man, Americo Vespuccio. Seeing all this police violence is not making me feel good at all about the state of things here. Here is the link that was posted:

    if anyone is interested.. I don’t know whether this idea is right or wrong, but it is ineteresting.

  10. concerned citizen

    I called the UC Davis Police department (non-emergency) to ask them if Lt. John Pike is still working there. They told me he and the chief are on administrative leave. I looked that up, and it means they are on paid leave while being investigated for misconduct.

    • Standard procedure in a situation like this. You get put on leave to prevent any sort of conflict of interest. I just wanted to clarify that this doesn’t mean that the department thinks he’s in the wrong and is going to fire him. That depends on the results of the investigation. Most departments automatically put an officer on leave after any sort of incident like this regardless of public outcry, or even evidence that there was misconduct, just in case.

  11. F*** Lt. Pike and f*** anyone that is trying to defend him by saying the students were trespassing.

    They were on their campus that they are paying out of their asses to be on. So you can go f*** off you ignorant pieces of shit. Anyone that watches that video then can come on here and be a smart ass about beating students, are the people that are wrong with this world.

    • There’s a longer video that shows students threatening police and demanding that they release suspects they had arrested earlier in return for being “allowed” to leave. They weren’t sprayed for trespassing, though technically you could argue that they were indeed trespassing. They were sprayed for refusing to clear a path for a police cruiser that needed to leave.

      BTW, arguably they were trespassing, since an agent of the school, the campus police, had asked them to leave the premises. It doesn’t matter that they pay tuition, you’re still trespassing after a store owner asks you to leave, even if you’re a paying customer.

  12. John was wrong. Period.
    But he must sought authorisation. I think the UC executive need to look into who permitted this.

    The protest is legitimate and 99% of people support this.
    The 1% are still getting away with things –

  13. It’s funny to me how the media and this website leave out the whole story. Watch the whole video. The police explain what is about to happen and they openly say, “that’s fine”, “okay”. They even give them time to cover themselves. This is so silly. They were protesting without a permit, asked to leave, refused, told to leave, refused again, informed about what would happen if they didn’t leave, then given time to decide about it, then they AGREE to being sprayed, then everyone cries about it. There are even videos taken of the protesters that were sprayed giggling and being sarcastic immediatly after. This “movement” is just a big temper tantrum at the taxpayers expense. America is getting tired of it.

    • Okay, lemme give you time to cover your face before I plug it full of holes. Sorry but that’s not consent and if you got someone to “ok” you beating them up severely, no, the law would NOT pardon you. Nice strawman. Akin to trying to get a confession outta someone before they get their lawyer and know their rights. Shame on you!

      • You know that “Miranda rights are required” thing is just as much of a strawman as this “police are going around hosing down innocent students” thing. They only have to read you those rights if they want to use what you say as evidence. I’m entertained by all the videos on the internet of armchair lawyers demanding to be read their rights after being arrested. Sorry, the cop usually knows what you did, and doesn’t really need your inane babbling as evidence.

    • Why not just wait it out? Why the violence? The protesters would eventually leave, if not why not just arrest them? This shows a serious lack of judgement for those in charge. It was just a small peaceful protest. Does not matter that they o.k.ed pepper spray it should never had happened. Also if you have ever been pepper sprayed ( I have, I was assulted, person was charged for assault, I was treated by ambulance and a doctor ) you do not go around giggleing more than likely you have to seek medical care for a intense spray and if it was in some of their mouths like it said I am sure they had to seek medical treatment. Tax payers cost caused by poor judgement on those in charge.

  14. i’m from Ireland and watching the pepper spray video made me physically ill, if that had happened over here that guy would have been sacked already, and would be in prison now taking it up the rear, after treating ANYONE like that for peacefully standing up for what they believe in, no matter what it was.
    whether you support the Occupy cause or not, that kind of behaviour shouldn’t be accepted by the public, who pay sadists like this guy to protect them.

  15. May be there are some administrative laws that prohibit gathering large groups of people at UC-Davis campus, even though these people (students) pay their F**ING chancellors and police salaries via their tuition. However, what takes precedence – Constitution with its guarantee for free speech and assembly rights or some local law? I would say constitution.

    • Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. The Constitution has to be subject to interpretation through legislation and the courts. Our country couldn’t work any other way. I could just describe pretty much anything I wanted to do in terms that made it protected under the Constitution and get away with it if your theory held true. The idea that our right to protest also gives us a right to squat in a public space and deny it to other people is just silly. Nothing is black and white, and we need to stop pretending that it is so that we can move forward.

    • If the constitution is above all, why cant felons own guns?

  16. And Linz – how is OWS being a tantrum at taxpayers expense? Do you have data that show how much taxpayers spent there?

  17. I humbly submit a Pike image. I offer an pic reflecting a scenario in which Officer Pike gets a taste of his own medicine.

  18. I dont think the right wingers here get it. Nobody’s arguing that the protesters broke a rule. But there’s protocol. Police are only supposed to use pepper spray in case of an immediate threat of violence. They can’t even spray prisoners in a riot if they’re sitting down.
    But I don’t think there’s anything I could say to change these commenters’ minds. So, go ahead and raeg.
    Oh, and taxpayers’ expense? How about those wars and bailouts?

    • There’s protocol for crowd control also. That protocol in this case might have been based on studies that showed that those students were less likely to be injured by pepper spray than by being wrestled out of the group.

      In this case, I think that police are learning that safety might sometimes have to take a backseat to public relations. That’s a part of the real world we live in, and that’s fine. We need to stop saying “Look at those evil cops” and start saying “Ah, obviously here’s a thing that seemed like a good idea, and turned out to be not so good.”

  19. Don’t you think it’s a bit over the top to have his address, phone number (!) and e-mail here? Imagine the load of hate mail and harassment this will probably lead to. He’s already suspended at the moment and has millions of anti-fans on the internet and is being mauled in the media. Even though what he did isn’t nice, 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Guido……. of course it’s over the top to have his address, phone number, and email posted here. That’s the point. That’s the point with all these pictures too, they are all over the top.

      Hopefully pages like this one will deter other would be as***** from doing this kind of nonsense. And if another cop does something like this again, they can expect their own page just like this one.

    • I agree with Guido, two wrongs do not make a right. There seems to be no compassion and no desire to correct the wrong through understanding/teaching rather than punishment.

  20. The Constitution provides the right to free speech and assembly.
    The Constitution does not provide restrictions as to when and where.
    If the state is allowed to pass petty laws that restrict this right, then it goes from being a right to being a privilege (when and where as governed and permitted by the state).
    Therefore the people have a birthright as expressed in the Constitution to speak and assemble whenever and wherever they choose.
    Having said that, it is a fact that the State will fight back so the matter really comes down to struggle in the streets and who perserveres.

  21. Roses are red
    violets are blue
    The USA is a police state

    lulz @ amerika – home of the free, land of the brave – what a crock of sh*t

    • I totally agree, when I look at places like China, Iran, or 1980s Eastern Germany I realize they’re way less oppressed than us. America’s police just has too much power. It makes me so mad, I think I’ll go spew all around how oppressive our Police are.

  22. Everybody is getting too worked up over this. congress is doing their job th right way. look at all the benifits to the handicapped or jobless. the foreign policy. keeping our troops over seas. and keeping the guilty out of jail to keep room for the innocent. well, at least pizza is a vegetable.

  23. The same happened in Australia; except here the people seem to have forgotten the idea of basic human rights. People’s rights are gradually degraded and given to big business and the welathy, powerful old generation. Sad to see that nobody here seems to realise what’s happening….

  24. There’s a longer video available that makes the whole things seem at least a little justifiable. Google “what really happened at UC Davis”, if you can get past the stupid Fox News esque commentary, you’ll at least get a more complete understanding than the short clip the media showed. We can still argue about all sorts of things, but we need to move past the idea that Lt. Pike was just hosing down innocent children for the lulz. I know, I know, don’t let facts get in the way of a good meme…

    • Totally agree. Lt. Pike stood there for quite a while just shaking the can. And they weren’t sprayed for protesting or nothing, it was for intimidation of officers. Once I saw the full video, I lost all sympathy for the students.

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  26. It’s America, Land of the Free. They freely tried to protest and he freely sprayed them. Be thankful he used pepper spray and didn’t freely pull out his handgun or Ak-47 and shoot them in the face. Lovely country!

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  35. Where’s Nancy Grace ?

  36. One thing i believe, whether he’s right or wrong, is that his personal info should remain as such, private. Putting up his home address phone number, email and skype addresses on the internet is both dangerous and is simply disgraceful.
    Just keep this in mind: if any of you did anything as such, the last thing you would want is to have your name and private info put up on the internet for all to see. The past is in the past, and lets move on. He won’t be able to because of this…

    • Luke,

      Phuck Pike the prick…..I’m glad his name and all his info is up there for all to see. He didn’t really care when he was taking great pleasure in pepper-spraying the students…up and down the line numerous times. I hope he has as much fun re-painting his house or car etc when people have fun spray-painting his property. Hope he gets calls in the middle of the night, phucking loser. Glad his a$$ got canned but would be even happier if he got jail time for excessive force and was not allowed to ever be a cop again anywhere. It was military grade pepper-spray he was using, supposed to be a minimum of 6 feet but recommended to use at 20 feet, this piece of sh!t was using it from 12 inches. Whatever happens to him from here on out id richly deserved and couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!!! LOL

  37. Now that he’s no longer with the force, let’s see if Fox gives him a show.

  38. To all of those arguing about protesting on public and private property: I believe that if it is for a good or reasonable cause, there is no problem with it, no matter where you are protesting.

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  47. Let me ask all you educated ( uneducated) spoiled brats and whiners of America. Since when is blocking passage of another legal? Since in the history if America can a police officer or anyone for that matter ask you over and over to just move from the passage of another and not block their way to exit….. We all have the freedom to come and go as we please.

    I got a idea if you don’t want to be locked up.. Or pepper sprayed just comply to what is asked of you. Stop acting like spoiled brats. If you want to protest get a permit, don’t block the street or passage way of others. Peaceful protest do not infringe on the rights of others and their daily life… I’m all about freedoms and right. I’ve fought for them as a US Marine.

    This whole idea of entitlement in America is sickening. Comply with the laws of the land. America is falling because of weak cry babies that can’t get their way…….ignorant

  48. Just A Taxpayer

    Beats being shot – which IMO is exactly what these useless parasitic scum deserve.

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