Occupy Wall Street: Goals & Demands

The goals and demands of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement are ever changing.  There is no one set list that everyone agrees upon.  Though there are a few goals and demands that are heard from protesters more often than not.  These are just a few of them:

  1. Reinstate Glass-Steagall
  2. Reverse Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
  3. Law stating that the media cannot lie and call it news, similar to Canada’s Radio Act (example: Fox News – Recent examples here, here, here & here)
  4. Campaign finance reform
  5. End Police brutality, militarization and corruption.

One of the most important demands by Occupy Wall Street is putting an end to the Federal Reserve:

  1. They’ve enslaved the U.S. government with debt.
  2. They create money out of thin air.
  3. The banks that now dominate the U.S. banking system use the FED as a tool to make money.
  4. They devalue our currency.
  5. They manipulate the U.S. economy by setting national interest rates.
  6. They control the money supply.
  7. The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government.
  8. They’ve become too powerful.
  9. They’re not accountable to anyone.

More demands by Occupy Wall Street

Policies to reduce/eliminate corporate influence in politics

  • Eliminate corporate personhood / End corporate personhood / Policy to separate corporations and people / Overturn Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission (2008 Supreme Court decision) / Repeal the decision that dollars equal free speech
  • Campaign finance reform / Election finance reform / Election Change / Campaign laws / Public financing of elections / Complete reform of elections
  • Get corporate money out of elections / Get dollars out of politics / End corporate support of politicians / Money in politics

Policies to reform the tax structure

  • Progressive taxes / Raise taxes on the rich / More taxes above a certain income level / Tax wealthy / Tax the upper classes more / Tax the rich / Raise taxes on income above US $200k / Tax higher incomes
  • Increase taxes on corporations / Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes / Taxing financial transactions
  • Reduce taxes / Decrease taxes / Tax relief
  • Eliminate tax loopholes / End tax loopholes
  • Tax reform / Change the tax code
  • Fair taxation
  • Tax code that favors the middle class

Policies to create jobs

  • Jobs / Create more jobs / Program for full employment / Real jobs program / Universal jobs program / Move from unproductive job sectors / Organized discussion on jobs / Get American back to work / Putting people to work / Job plan / Obama’s Job Plan.

Policies related to healthcare

  • Universal healthcare / Healthcare / Healthcare policy
  • Single-payer healthcare / Single-payer
  • Nationalize healthcare
  • Affordable healthcare
  • More sustainable healthcare

Policies related to the environment and energy

  • Eliminate use of coal
  • Decrease dependence on oil
  • Carbon free dividend system
  • Green technology

Anti-war policies

  • End wars / Stop the wars / Abolish war policy / End wars entirely / End United States’ incursion in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Stop sending soldiers / Bring half of our soldiers home by Christmas

Policies to reform education

  • Education reform / Improve education / Serious overhaul of education
  • Debt forgiveness for student loans

Miscellaneous policies related to political economy

  • Jobs against outsourcing, make outsourcing illegal, make outsourcing costly, jobs staying in the US.
  • More equality / More equal distribution of wealth
  • End capitalism / Get rid of capitalism / Abolish capitalism,
  • Reinstate the Glass-Stegall Act / Re-regulate the financial system / Re-regulate the banking sector
  • Forgive loans and debts / Debt relief for individuals
  • Keynesian spending / FDR style New Deal
  • - Invest heavily in public works / Public works / Build infrastructure
  • - Employee’s free choice act

The real question isn’t “Why support Occupy.” It’s “How COULDN’T you?”

  • Do you think it’s reasonable that the top 1% of Americans control 40% of the wealth while the bottom 40% (that’s about 125 million people) of Americans control less than 2%?
  • Is it fair that 90% of elections at all levels are won by the person who spends more money (or gets more money from private interests)?
  • Do you support the right of corporations to spend millions of dollars lobbying congress, undermining the relationship between politicians and their constituents?
  • Does it seem moral that politicians can use insider information based on policy decisions to trade stocks and line their own pockets?
  • Is it okay that politicians who help corporations often end up getting high-paying jobs from those same corporations when they leave office?
  • Does it seem fair that the Wall St. bigwigs who, through reckless gambling, usury and fraud collapsed the housing market and the economy with it, did not lose their ample fortunes, let alone serve jail time?
  • Is it right that many of those same bigwigs actually got millions of dollars in bonuses while hard working Americans were having their houses foreclosed on?
  • Does it seem logical that in our capitalist system, a massive financial institution could become “too big to fail,” forcing taxpayers to pickup a multi-trillion dollar bill brought about by destructive and reckless decision making by those institutions’ leadership?
  • Do you see a problem with the fact that 20 years ago, you could raise a family on a single income, while today 2-income families sometimes barely scrape by – and that trend looks to continue?
  • Is it acceptable that peaceful protesters exercising civil disobedience are subjected to tear gas, pepper spray and beatings?

Occupy Wall Street demands

Demands by Occupy Wall Street

Casually pepper spray everything cop: Lt. John Pike

Fox News Megyn Kelly on pepper spray: It's a food product essentially

Occupy Wall Street: The Game

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5 Responses to Occupy Wall Street: Goals & Demands

  1. I support OWS’s message of reform. I cannot support raising taxes on the $200,000 level. That is too close to the struggling middle class. The $1,000,000 and up level you might find more support. My Republican friends hate me for supporting you. Ending coal will drive energy prices so high we will be burning wood. Do you want that? Nuke power? I didn’t think so. Try and narrow your demands. Get money out of D.C! End the Fed! End the Wars!

  2. People who make 12,000 and 24,000 a year should not pay taxes at the same rate as people who make 200,000 a year.

    We (everyone in the world) need:

    A healthy planet Earth
    Healthy bodies and minds
    Houses to live in
    Education for ourselves and our children
    Jobs – that pay a living wage

    It is sickening to know that 1% of Americans control 40% of the wealth. That wealth was created by the efforts of millions of wage-earners who were not fairly paid for their labor.

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