‘Don’t Get SOPA’d’ Is The New Mantra On Capitol Hill

As we noted when one of the recent cybersecurity bills was introduced in the Senate, it was accompanied by a press release that explicitly stated that this bill wasn’t SOPA. While the entertainment industry keeps hoping that the anti-SOPA protests were a one-time experience, apparently the power of internet users is very much on the minds of nearly everyone on Capitol Hill who have turned the phrase “don’t get SOPA’d” into a new mantra.

This is excellent news in a number of ways. Congress should fear backlash from going against the will of the people, especially in mucking around with some of the key tools they use to communicate every day. The only issue I take with the article is that it rehashes the false dichotomy that SOPA was “Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood,” and quotes lots of people who continue to talk about how the way to avoid “getting SOPA’d” is to talk to the tech industry, but not to internet users themselves. Now, I think that talking to the tech industry is a good place to start, and it is an important stakeholder in understanding the internet, but what drove the SOPA protests was the users. Yes, tech companies helped get their users interested in the topic, but once the users on Tumblr, Reddit and Wikipedia took over, they were the ones driving the bus. The companies themselves took a backseat and, at times, were pressured into going along with what the users wanted, against their own concerns (for example, the date of the January 18th protests, which many “industry insiders” thought was too early, since the Senate wasn’t yet in session).

This is great news! Good job Occupy Wall Street and everyone that made the Government afraid of attempting to pass evil bills like SOPA.

Read more: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120309

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