The Romney-Paul Alliance

Poor Rick Santorum. Wednesday night’s Republican Presidential debate was his moment—his opportunity to solidify his standing, maybe even gain some ground on Mitt Romney. But almost as soon as the debate began, it was clear that he had no chance, that it wasn’t even a fair fight. Santorum had to stand on his own; Romney had an important if unlikely ally right there on stage with him in the form of Ron Paul.

The debate wasn’t the first time that the friendship—one might go so far as to say alliance, for indeed that is what it has seemed to be recently—between Romney and Paul has been evident. Indeed, Paul has been doing Romney’s work for him all week. On Monday, Paul’s campaign released an anti-Santorum ad that prompted NBC’s Chuck Todd to ask, “Just what has Mitt Romney promised Ron Paul?” (The spot was noteworthy enough that it’s also our Political Ad of the Week; you can see my take on it over on Political Scene, our hub for campaign coverage.) Still, the link between the two men hasn’t ever been quite as open and obvious as it was during the debate.

As a member of Occupy Wall Street, I would actually vote for Mitt Romney for president if he ran with Ron Paul as his VP.  This would also be the only possible shot of beating Obama in the upcoming election.

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