Arizona Audience Boos Birth Control Question During GOP Debate

Republican candidates: Too many children are born out of wedlock. Therefore, we need to end contraception. Isn’t the obvious solution MORE contraception?

Republicans in Arizona booed CNN moderator John King for asking a birth control question during Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, adding another item to the long list of jeers and cheers in the 2012 campaign primary. Past Republican audiences booed a gay soldier, applauded the death penalty, and cheered the death of an uninsured individual.
Republican audiences really are pigs. They let their ridiculous candidates spew venom, hatred, sexism, racism and total lies– but oh, no– never ask them questions about it! These audiences prove they are anti-women, anti-veterans, anti-health, anti-gays. Certainly anti-equality and extremely ignorant. Definitely not Christian, if Jesus is anything to go by. And they’re racist, too. Occupy Wall Street does not approve.

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