Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution

The Forgotten Man painting by Jon Naughton (Photo Credit: Jon Naughton)The Forgotten Man painting by Jon Naughton

In front of the White House a man is sitting on a park bench in the throes of depression. He is surrounded by 43 presidents. In the forefront, purposefully ignoring the depressed man is President Obama, whose right foot is stepping on the Constitution. James Madison is next to Obama, pleading with him to stop.This tableau is called “The Forgotten Man”, a painting by Jon McNaughton, an artist who is known for his politically-charged work.

The painting, which uses objects such as discarded dollar bills as symbols and scraps of paper with individual constitutional amendments scrawled onto them, has been making the rounds across the Internet.

Occupy Wall Street explains why Obama deserves this painting:

He signed NDAA which allows detaining American citizens indefinitely
Still has not closed Guantanamo Bay
Allowing the DEA to trump state laws
Not going after ANYONE on Wall Street


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