Occupy Wall Street: Ron Paul Is The Only Real Difference

Both parties are pretty much the same, there’s not really much of a difference either way. Both want big government. Both have no real plans of how to fix the recession. Both want more wars and occupying other countries. Both parties have no interest in locking up any of the bad guys on Wall Street. Both parties want nothing to do with addressing the real problem that is the Federal Reserve. Both parties are willing to detain Americans indefinitely without trial, judge or jury (NDAA).

Occupy Wall Street says Ron Paul is the only candidate that’s different than the cookie-cutter candidates from both parties. He might not be the most “presidential” candidate but he’s the only candidate that has a real chance of saving this country. I mean when it comes down to it, what is the real difference between a Mitt Romney and a Barack Obama.  Not much.

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Occupy Wall Street: The Game

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3 Responses to Occupy Wall Street: Ron Paul Is The Only Real Difference

  1. Occupy Wall Street had my full support until I read this…Paul is anti gay, anti womans choice, and a bigot..you can have him.

    • Ron Paul is not anti-gay or a bigot. Also Occupy Wall Street doesn’t support Ron Paul or any candidate.

      What Ron Paul says on abortion: If a pregnant woman gets in an accident with a drunk driver and the baby dies. The drunk driver is charged with manslaughter.

      If a doctor makes a mistake and harms the fetus before he’s born the doctor is held accountable.

      It’s only when the woman wants to abort the fetus does it not have any rights.

      Ron Paul has delivered thousands of babies and he said he’s thought long and hard about this subject and this is where he stands. Regardless, he’s about states making the laws, not the government so his views on this wouldn’t even matter.

      If these are the only reasons you don’t like Ron Paul, but you like the other candidates running?? Man, this country is in trouble.

  2. Like I said…you can have him

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