How to Access Wikipedia During the Blackout

It’s a pretty big statement for a web service as big as Wikipedia to go dark in protest of SOPA, but it’s not so nice when you actually need to find something on Wikipedia.

Whether you oppose SOPA or not (and by the looks of the web today, many of you do), for most, including Occupy Wall Street, it can be difficult when your favorite online information source is unavailable. Wikipedia is one of those go-to sites, and for those of us whose everyday work requires this knowledge, not being able to access it — even for one day — can be a nuisance (which is obviously the point of the black-out, isn’t it). If you cannot wait a day, there are a couple of workarounds you can use to access Wikipedia’s content.

The first method to knowing what is SOPA is perhaps the simplest: use the mobile version. It, too, displays an anti-SOPA message on top of articles, but it will let you access the content freely. You can access it on your PC or mobile phone by visiting this address:

You can also use the Simple English version of Wikipedia, which is available at However, since this version of Wikipedia uses only simple English words and grammar, topics aren’t covered as thoroughly as on the standard version.

If you’re fast enough, you can also hit the Print Screen (cmd+shift+3 on a Mac) button on your keyboard just as a Wikipedia article loads, since it takes a second or two for the site to redirect to the SOPA blackout landing page. You can then paste the screen capture as an image in your favorite editor.

Finally, you can disable JavaScript in your web browser.

Summary: Go to – click ‘View this page on regular Wikipedia’ at bottom, then click ‘Esc’ before the screen goes black.


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