Anonymous Retaliates: Massive Information dump released on Senators who Passed NDAA

This year’s National Defense Authorization Act passed quickly through the Senate and as expected President Obama signed the bill. 86 Senators in a bipartisan move, signed off on this controversial bill, which opens the door to invasive acts against Americans.  Almost everyone has felt the effect of Anonymous’ presence online and off and now, the 86 Senators will feel their ubiquitous presence as well.

The collective activist group just released a massive dump of information, which begins with, ”Robert J. Portman is a Republican Senator from the state of Ohio. He has made himself a target as an advocate of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), but we are truly disturbed by the ludicrous $272,853 he received from special interest groups supporting the NDAA bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you.”

Information published by Anonymous:

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4 Responses to Anonymous Retaliates: Massive Information dump released on Senators who Passed NDAA

  1. A post I did with a partner shows what is really going on with the NDAA law. There are changes being made.

    See: (Copy and paste into address bar if a link isn’t created.)

    • Bill, he’s already stated long ago that he would not veto this bill.

      First of all, we don’t need to be spending $700 Billion dollars on some defense bill.

      And as for the changing of the language of the bill, I believe it when I see it. Everything I’ve seen or read still clearly states that American Citizens can be detained indefinitely without trial or jury.

  2. I don’t care what you think about whether or not the detention clause in NDAA applies to Americans, it shouldn’t apply to anyone; no human being should ever be held indefinitely, or without the right to a fair trial

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