Petition to Google: Please put information about SOPA on your main page, the homepage of millions upon millions of Americans, to inform the average web user about what may happen to their internet on December 21

Google if SOPA passes
In response to the Judiciary Committee members quietly pushing the markup proposal for SOPA to Wednesday, December 21, we hereby petition Google to make mention of SOPA on their front page. As the number one search engine and destination of American web users, you have the ability to make the average person quickly aware of the consequences of SOPA. Please help us, and help your own organization by putting a notice on your main page, the homepage of millions upon millions of people.

To all non-Americans: This may affect you too. Not only may some of the content you wish to view be in jeopardy, it may influence your government to take similar measures.

Support this:

You can contact Google to make suggestions through this link:

How to stop SOPA:

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