Rick Perry For President 2012! [Insert joke here]

What does a homophobic, extreme right-wing Republican, who HATES everyone except white Christians, KNOWS every word in the bible to be 110% TRUE, who declares a Christian war on every other belief out there and is dumb as sh*t do for fun? He runs for President, and knowing this country, will probably win.

Forget about the recession, problems with the Federal Reserve, this whole “no jobs” thing going on, the current uprising in America and the unnecessary wars happening in other countries. Vote Rick Perry. Show the rest of the world that you don’t give a fu*k.

Read more: http://www.iywib.com/rick_perry_for_president_2012.php

Rick Perry’s new campaign ad:

Rick Perry is not ashamed to be called a Christian

Casually pepper spray everything cop: Lt. John Pike

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