LA Woman Could Be Charged with ‘Battery” for Pepper Spray – How About UC-Davis Cops?

I just heard that the woman who pepper sprayed shoppers in Los Angeles to get an edge on bargains could be charged with “battery”. Seems right.

And what about the UC-Davis police who pepper sprayed non-violent students week before last?

No such justice.

At least, not so far. The two cops who pepper sprayed the students, and the head of their UC-Davis police unit, have been suspended with pay, pending investigation.

Are students in California worth less as human beings than shoppers, or are cops out there somewhere above the law?

If anything, the cops should be charged with a crime worse than what was brought against the pepper sprayer of shoppers. Police are paid by taxpayers to protect not attack law-abiding citizens.

If anyone should be suspended – without, not with, pay – it should be the officers who stood around, watched the two pepper-spraying cops, and did nothing.

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