Welcome to PHASE 2 of Occupy Wall Street, now here is a message

The point of Occupy Wall Street is NOT to camp in tents, it is to challenge power and corruption.

And now that our tents are going away I am almost relieved. The tents were becoming a distraction anyway, now it is time for us to focus on how we will place pressure on the corrupt power structure and demand the changes and reforms and accountability we all know is absolutely necessary if we are going to have a viable future for millions upon millions of working class people.

I keep hearing from people that Occupy Wall Street protests don’t have a clear message, so here is a short rundown of the “message” as far as I have seen.

It is time to TAX THE RICH

It is time to END THE WARS

It is time to restore Glass-Steagal

It is time to repeal Citizens United

It is time to get the money OUT OF POLITICS

Read more:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/11/17/1037356/

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