Occupy Wall Street Being Evicted

According to occupywallst.org the park is being evicted by the police and they are asking for anyone who can get there to reinforce the occupation.

Live feed here http://www.livestream.com/occupynyc

Call the First Precinct NYPD and tell them to leave Zuccoti Park alone: 212-334-0611 Call NYC Mayor 212-639-9675 email http://t.co/OGedYJm3 Also: NYPD: 646-610-5000 / Respectfully Demand 1st Amendment Rights Call the white house 202-456-1414

Also distressing information:
1) The first move the police did was remove the press from the area
2) The airspace was locked down to prevent news helicopters from reporting
3) The only news we get is from 3 different live streams, two of which are down (as of 3:00 AM CST)
4) Legal monitors were prohibited from witnessing the serving of any papers

Read more: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/mcsy3

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